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Don't let your child's potential slowly slip away. Take action by using these 7 conversations to inspire your child to greatness.

This course is designed as a 7-week journey. After watching a short video, you will be given the opportunity to reflect and practice what you heard. You will journal on how it relates to you, how it relates to your kids. You will also be asked to practice one new conversation each week and report out on how it went. As you begin to master these conversations over time, I am confident you will see new attitudes and behaviors emerge. You can also opt-in for coaching if you would like help in assimilating these conversations.

1. Conversation about potential, "I see in you what you don't see in yourself."

2. Conversation about forgiveness, "Will you forgive me?"

3. Conversation about teachability, "Will you teach me?"

4. Conversation using teachable moments, "What I have learned."

5. Conversation about corrections, "What I want for you."

6. Conversation about your purpose, "You are designed to..."

7. Conversation about my role in your life, "I will always love you unconditionally."Write your text here

Every successful person has someone they can point to who inspired them to be who and what they are. Pull the curtain back and what you see from their past is that it always came down to at least one specific encounter that began as a conversation. Some have referred to these encounters as divine appointments, others may remember them as defining moments or the big Ah-ha in life. However you want to categorize them, these timely encounters are life-shaping.

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About the Author.

Terry Barber is the author of the best-selling book, The Inspiration Factor. His research on the science of inspiration has been published in Forbes as well as over 1500 publications worldwide. He has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, and the CNN radio network. Terry has spoken face-to-face to over 500,000 people on the topic of Inspiration.

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Includes one 30 minute coaching session with the author to help you put the conversations into practice. $49 after discount

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